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Fly fishing humbles us. It leads anglers to believe we are equal parts super hero and insignificant organism. It allows us to value the progression of cutting-edge technologies while taking joy in worn wading boots, entry-level pickup trucks, river-temperature beers, and afternoons trying to chase skunk off the boat. We at Scientific Anglers believe in a facilitation of the two, an ability to provide consumers with the best products available while enabling them to enjoy the simple, and often best, aspects of our sport.

Scientific Anglers began with three men (Leon P. Martuch, Clare Harris, and Paul Rottiers) and a single vision, transposed into a company spanning across the globe, influencing the way modern fly fishermen interpret and practice our sport. The cast, the rods, the reels, and the flies all connect through the cotter pin of fly fishing: fly line. Scientific Anglers became the unequivocal champion of fly-line production through leading market innovation and development during fly fishing’s early widespread industrialization.

Numerous editorials have been penned regarding the physics of fly fishing and the impact of polymeric coatings, evolutionary taper structure, core construction, complex density, and fluid dynamics. At the base of these arguments is a single common denominator: Scientific Anglers. We have implicitly initiated a majority of these arguments by facilitating the development of industry-leading technologies, a practice that inevitably leads to scrutiny amidst competitors. As we continue to walk one step ahead, our focus dwells on forward progress—a vision and mission which consistently and constantly pushes the technological limits of fly fishing.

At Scientific Anglers, we accept responsibility for Spey geek grain-weight battles, trout bum standard-weight struggles, and saltwater suppleness bar brawls.

We enjoy the dynamic struggle between old school, new school, and the evolution of customer and industry demands. What lies between the fish slime and truth is where we flourish. Scientific Anglers rejects the happy medians, the good enoughs, the that’ll do’s, and the status quo.

Welcome to the next page in an evolving history of Scientific Anglers and welcome to the future of our sport.


Friends and anglers Leon Martuch (pictured), Clare Harris, and Paul Rottiers found Scientific Anglers in Midland, Michigan.


Under the banner Scientific Anglers, Martuch and company develop the first modern plastic-coated tapered fly line, which replaces the day’s silk lines which offered limited flotation and required extensive drying after only a few hours’ use.


Microballoons are introduced in the new Air Cel Supreme lines and go on to revolutionize the way fly lines float.


Scientific Anglers introduces Wet Cel, the first modern sinking fly lines.


Scientific Anglers introduces revolutionary Bass Bug and Saltwater tapers with unique profiles that improve castability and performance characteristics with larger flies.


The first shooting lines hit the market under the Air Cel label.


Scientific Anglers introduces the first balanced rod, reel, and line system, which also marks the introduction of System reels that go on to become among the most popular reels in fly-fishing history.


Scientific Anglers pioneers the use of powdered tungsten in its sinking fly lines, which produces lines that sink faster than lead-based lines and are safer for the environment.


The Mastery Learning System is introduced,
leading four years later to Mastery Series fly lines and dealerships, where the very best fly line products and expertise are available.


Scientific Anglers introduces silicone as a slickness agent in fly lines, a technology that is soon copied throughout the industry and is still used today. More than a decade later, Scientific Anglers establishes a new level of slickness with the introduction of AST—Advanced Shooting Technology.
Monocore—the first durable clear sinking fly lines—are introduced.


AST—Advanced Shooting Technology—is introduced and begins a new ‘slickness craze’ in fly-line manufacturing. Patented AST continues to set the standard for fly-line slickness and durability.


XTS gel-spun backing is introduced and provides up to 75 percent more reel capacity than standard material and is stronger than steel in equal diameters.


System X fly boxes hit the market and wow anglers with their innovative waterproof, see-through design.


Advancements in fly-line development led to the first-ever textured fly line, the Sharkskin, which hit the market to widespread acclaim. By embossing a diamond-shaped pattern on the length of each line, Scientific Anglers vastly reduced friction, leading to lines that floated higher, shot farther, and lasted longer than any previous line ever produced.


The most technologically advanced line ever produced, the SharkWave, debuts in March of 2014. Taking the texturing process to the next level, Scientific Anglers creates the world’s first triple-textured and triple-colored fly line. The tip section of each line features the diamond-shaped Sharkskin embossing; the heads and running lines are embossed with the golf-ball dimpled Mastery Texture; and a smooth section, known as the Tactile Reference Point, sits where the head meets the running line.